Bid Builder Software Programs For General Contractors

You can officially bid farewell to your bulky digitizer and Excel spreadsheets and stop dreading the long tedious process of doing takeoffs and calculating an estimate for your projects thanks to Digital Canal’s Bid Builder software for contractors.

Bid Builder is game-changing software that streamlines the process of producing estimates for projects, no matter how big or small they might be. Our Bid Builder programs for builders allow you to choose from a pre-built and extensive database containing thousands of popular items and assemblies to make the process move along quickly. You have the power to customize this database, too.

Digital Takeoff is also commonly used alongside our Bid Builder programs for general contractors. Digital Takeoff makes it quick and easy to run a takeoff of your project. This software is compatible with 80 different file formats. — from your CAD files to even a digital photo. You can easily load in your design and start running a takeoff simply by clicking your mouse.

The information from Digital Takeoff can be seamlessly transferred to Bid Builder with one click, which creates professional, concise reports and proposals.


Benefits of the Bid Builder software programs
Digital Canal works with over 11,000 clients across the country. These are builders that have quickly found that Bid Builder and Digital Takeoff are:

  • Simple: You don’t have to be a computer wiz to master our Bid Builder software for contractors. In fact, even relatively unskilled workers on your crew can pick up the software and still be incredibly accurate and quick with it.
  • Fast: Digital Canal focuses on making the lives of our clients easier. One of the best ways to do that is by helping free up their time. The process of calculating an estimate and creating a bid used to be very time consuming. Now, with our Bid Builder programs for builders, you are able to breeze through it without compromising quality.
  • Professional: The end game is to impress the potential client and show them what you are capable of. The professional reports and proposals created by Bid Builder will reflect positively on your company and you will be able to submit more bids with the help of this software. More bids equate to more jobs.

Bid Builder software for contractors is very affordable, too. In fact, with one extra successful bid, you will have paid for Bid Builder 10 times over. You can’t argue with that kind of return on investment. Learn more about Bid Builder, Digital Takeoff and our other solutions by contacting Digital Canal right now.

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